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News, autumn 2019

The autumn has snuck up on most of us. This year, in particular, the autumn feels very exciting for us as we feel that we are starting to land in two different phases that we have been working towards for the past year. Webbson has always been the small company with the big heart where quality, customer focus and competence have been important values.

The first of these changes is concerning the business. At the turn of the year, we went from two to three employees. During the summer we made the company into a limited company (not a day too soon) and just a few weeks ago we hired a new web developer – Jonathan Andersen. With him as part of our team, we are now expanding our expertise in programming in PHP and Javascript languages.

This led us to the second shift that we have been developing and honing over the past two years. As one of the relatively few web agencies in Sweden, we can offer fully customized websites for companies. So what does this mean?

The most common way to build websites is from a ready-made template with a limited number of options to make it customized. If you as a customer were to request a customization that is not already built into the template, it would immediately create a bit of an hassle for the developer.

So, instead of using templates we now build websites from scratch entirely according to the client’s wishes. This gives us the full control over every detail of the process. This also means cleaner code and faster loading times because we only implement the code that is actually needed instead of all the unnecessary code that comes with the template.

To speed up the production process and work cost-effectively, we have developed a proprietary framework of elements that we use frequently. This is something we are very proud of.

So, if you have a project in mind, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you and tell you how we can help you achieve better results and convert your visitors into customers.

Price increase on our reduced mini rate

As a contract customer, you have always been able to take advantage of our reduced minute rate where you pay 100 SEK per 10 minutes instead of 980 SEK per started hour. Because of the developments I just elaborated on, we are now making our first price increase since since the start in 2007.

The regular hourly rate is increased to 1200 SEK and the reduced minute rate is increased to 150 SEK per 10 minutes. All other prices such as Service Agreement, hosting and other items on existing contract invoices will remain the same.

All of this means that me and my team are looking forward to a very exciting autumn together with you.

/ Hemen Derki, CEO at Webbson AB

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