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Additional services

Search engine optimization

On-site optimization for the highest ranking

The service is tailored to fit your needs. It includes, for example, strategic content planning, analysis and preparatory work, technical optimization and valuable visitor statistics.

What makes us special is that we are completely transparent and share our knowledge with you so that you can manage your website's search engine optimization on your own.


Basic technical optimization

  • We review the website and make sure it meets current technical SEO standards.
  • Installing plugins that improves SEO in WordPress.

Registering with Google

  • We register your website with Google Search Console to find out how Google perceives your new website.
  • We register your website with Google Analytics for visitor statistics.
  • We will create and submit a sitemap to Google.

Strategic content optimization

  • We will conduct a market analysis and produce statistics on the number of searches for each keyword.
  • We analyse your website and create a strategy in consultation with you to maximize the chance of getting Google to promote the keywords.
  • We write meta descriptions for pages that are optimized for selected keywords to make your visibility in the search results more appealing
  • We will help you to create a copy that both search engines and visitors will love.

Ongoing optimization and consultation

  • We will keep track of how your website is doing on the hitlists.
  • We will make corrections that may be necessary due to a change in the market or changes in Google's algorithms.
  • We inform you and give you input and advice on how you work with your website and your copy.

Webbson lectures on SEO at NyföretagarCentrum Norrköping.

Our partner NyföretagarCentrum in Norrköping invited us to lecture with them at Coffice and we felt quite quickly that we wanted to talk about search engine optimization.

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Föreläsning om Sökmotoroptimering hos NyföretagarCentrum Norrköping
Please note that we do not guarantee any specific placement in the hit lists. What we can guarantee is that we will give your website the best possible conditions to get as high as possible.

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