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Webbshop i WooCommerce för en lyckad e-handel

A customized webshop in WooCommerce

Your business is unique and your specific target group means your opportunities and challenges are unlike any other. Therefore we do not believe that "one size fits all".

We build everything from scratch in WooCommerce which is on one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. We customize the platform to fit your business like a hand in a glove. And the best part is, that you will be the owner of the entire platform.

WooCommerce never put's you at risk of being limited. As you grow and evolve, the webshop grows with you.

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Customized e-commerce

Creating an e-commerce website from a ready-made template will quickly be limiting. Therefore we always costumize your online store to ensure that it's exactly as you intended and meets your requirements.

Managing products and orders

WooCommerce provides a simple interface directly on the website. This makes it possible for you to easily manage your products and customer orders; you can add new products, change prices, upload images, check your orders, handle returns and much more.

Get the right reports to help you monitor sales

WooCommerce offers a variety of reports to help you keep track of your sales. You can find out which products to prioritize, or get notifications on inventory balances which helps you stay one step ahead.

Responsive design

Mobile e-commerce has overtaken the traditional desktop shopping. Customers want ordering to be quick and easy, and they prefer to use the device that they carry with them wherever they go - their mobile phone. We make sure your customers have a first-class experience no matter what device they use.

Optimized loading time to keep your customers from leaving

Statistics show that the most common reason for people leaving a site is slow loading time. When you build a site from scratch it gives you the benefit of being in control of all the code on every part of the site. This makes it possible for us to optimize the loading times and provide you with a site that's quick to load and always easy to access.  Feel free to try it out for yourself by clicking around on our own website.

Built according to current SEO standards

We make sure that your online store is built according to current SEO standards. All you have to do is add your products to your e-commerce site and we will make sure that they will get listed on the most popular search engines.

And on top of all this...

  • Product management
  • Product categories and tags
  • Order management
  • Customized order confirmation
  • Warehousing
  • Simple freight calculation
  • Secure payment
  • Discount codes
  • Scheduled discounts
  • Promoted products and offers
  • Size collection (S, M, L )
  • Product filtering
  • Display related products to enhance sales
  • VAT calculation
  • Reports (Orders, customers, stock balance, VAT)
  • Privacy Policy (GDPR), conditions of purchase

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Supplementary services

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We would like to create a long-lasting customer relationships where we take care of your website so that you can invest your full attention in to your business.


Service agreements

We have worked for over 15 years on developing and concretizing our service agreement, only to provide our costumers with the best possible deal. It includes everything you need for a hassle-free website.

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SEO, Search engine optimization

We practice a transparent SEO-strategy. This means that we will bring your website as high as possible on search engines and at the same time show you how it's done.

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Our VIP server provides a secure environment with luxury performance, accessible only for our customers - Because your website deserves the very best.

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