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Service agreement

Relax and trust that you are in good hands

We would like to create a long-lasting customer relationship where we take care of your website so that you can focus fully on your business.

Reduced minute rate

It's like having your own web administration but for only a fraction of the actual cost.

As a contract customer, you can take advantage of having a reduced minute rate while still getting the extra results from further work on the website. Instead of 1800 SEK per hour you only pay 200 SEK per 10 minutes.

We are eager to receive your requests and give them the highest priority. Once we are done we always do a follow up to make sure you are happy and pleased with the result. You will never have to hesitate to contact us for even the smallest job you want to be done.

Licence covering all software

Our Service Agreement includes our customised version of WordPress and a licence for commercial plugins that offer extended functionality.

A basic course in the editor too

We provide a brief training session to get you started and ready to work in your new WordPress platform. The basic course lasts for 1 hour and takes place over the phone with our remote control software.

Free of charge and prioritized support

With the Service Agreement you always have access to a support that's easy to get hold of and free of charge. You'll avoid phone queues and be answered by a team member who knows your business and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the help you need.

Hourly backups

To maximize security we perform hourly and daily backups and save the data for 7 and 30 days respectively. In case of an emergency we will always be able to do a quick restoration of your webpage.

System update

We ensure that you always have the latest features by constantly keeping WordPress and all its plugins up to date.

Comprehensive warranty

The comprehensive warranty covers technical faults and intrusions (cyber attacks). It also includes ongoing recovery from our backups.

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