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A safe home for your website with premium performance

We treat all our customers as a Very important person. On our extensive VIP server we place only our own customers, which gives us full control and helps us to offer uninterrupted operation and extremely high performance.

Try browsing our website and you'll see the difference.

Customized servers

Our servers and tools are especially adapted to WordPress to ensure fast and uninterrupted operation of your new website.

With high speed

We love speed! That's why we use SSD storage that's 5x faster than regular hard drives and Litespeed servers that are up to 9x faster than Apache. Ask us and we'll tell you more.

Safety and prevention

Cutting down on security can lead to big and unnecessary costs. We always use the latest software and perform hourly backups combined with only a 10-minute setup time from our provider.

We assist you with migration

If you already have hosting and a domain, we will offer free assistance with migration so you can have everything in one place.

Free SSL Certificates

We perform encryption of data traffic and give you a free SSL certificate which will give your website a lock on the address bar, shown on your browser.

Domain and DNS management

We offer the ability to order multiple domains and we will always manage your DNSs, so you have one less thing to keep track of.

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