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The request

LogSec wanted a website with a different structure and a beautiful effect on the images. They wanted to move away from the classic rigidity and wanted a little more movement on the page. The homepage should be a one-page solution and contain images with depth. In simpler terms, it would contain moving elements with deep images.

Services provided

Moving elements

The result

We produced an effective and stylish website. The colours complement each other and the clutter makes the site a little more interesting to navigate through. The site has moving backgrounds that add a little more excitement than the classic fixed structure.

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Defence, preparedness, logistics and security

Logsec is a social actor with broad specialist expertise in defence, preparedness, logistics and security. They strengthen and ensure cooperation between the defence, authorities, regions, counties, municipalities and other actors responsible for preparedness and civilian actors with key roles for a functioning society in crisis and conflict.

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