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The request

Emily and the team at WorkStudio were very determined and had a clear picture of what they wanted to gain with their new website: an easy-to-use site for advertising services for businesses. The visuals were just as important and here we have worked with bold colours and a design that stands out from the crowd

WorkStudio wanted to be able to easily post ads and make changes in them by themselves, so therefore we agreed on a customized system being the perfect solution to get the job done.

Services provided

Graphic profile
Customized advertising

The result

A customized platform where WorkStudio can post and display current vacancies. The vacancy is automatically positioned correctly on the site and falls in line with the rest of the design. It is easy for WorkStudio to select which contact(s) are relevant for each position and they can easily change the status once the vacancy is filled. The vacancy will automatically be moved and stamped as ”filled”. The visitor can simply just register his interest for a vacancy and a completed form will be sent to WorkStudio.

A tailor-made system surrounded by beautiful images and a modern design, all on an easy-to-navigate website.

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Vi bygger en hemsida åt WorkStudio

Emily de Piro

Recruitment & Consulting - Partner

Our wish when choosing a web agency was a partnership and a close dialogue in the construction of our website. We wanted to be a big part of the process and the development of the structure, design and content of workstudio.se. A partnership that I think we have enjoyed and we are very happy with both the service and the relationship with our contacts at Webbson. They are responsive, efficient and loyal. Thank you Webbson for our website. Now you won't get rid of us!

Vi bygger en hemsida åt WorkStudio

Our passion is our clients and their challenges are ours.

We are driven by the challenge of matching the right skills to the right job/assignment and seeing both individuals and companies develop.

The team at WorkStudio have previous experiences of working operationally in PR, communications, marketing and commercial online services. This gives us a deep knowledge of the industry and a passion for the field. It also results in a deeper understanding of the actual challenges, more than just a requirements profile. To assure that the candidate is right for the role, we work with competency-based methodology and we are certified in personal assessment and can also offer different types of knowledge tests.

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