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MW Group

The request

A Nordic and modern defence and security provider who offers services and solutions with a mission to serve a strong society. A powerful company with a clear concept, to live a life of freedom and opportunities in an open society – for a world of free people.

A complex website with several pages and animations. MW Group was a challenging project to put together, we wanted to create a website with a natural flow of content that captures your interest. A website that is fascinating and reflecting of what MW Group conveys through their work.

In corporation with Manifest advertising agency – who had produced the design and content – we created an easy-to-navigate website that would feel fresh and interesting to explore. MW Group was looking for a website with a ”wow experience”, structured in an educational way to make it easy to navigate through the different branches. An innovative and modern website that would capture your interest.

The site contains many small details that are challenging to translate into code. One example is all the diagonal lines on the page. Since diagonal lines are not built into the CSS language, these require advanced calculations in the code to place them accurately.

Services provided

Website editing interface

The result

The final result was stunning, a powerful website that exuded a sense of importance and power. Through images and animations we were able to illustrate a story. MW Group is something out of the ordinary and you would experience that through the website.

Through the various animations we were able to create a flow that felt natural and striking, a journey through MW Group and their mission. The images reflected MW’s concept and reinforced the content of the different business areas. With the different colours, it would feel calm and relaxing to navigate through the site. All the animations, colours and images would blend together to create a page that didn’t feel too heavy on the mind.

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Serving a strong society

MW Groups mission is to serve a strong society. We are driven by our mission to create a strong society by ensuring resilient social functions by resource efficient and robust solutions.

MW Dark blue
MW Blue
MW Light blue
MW Turquoise
MW Purple
MW Light purple
MW Dark green
MW Green

Could defence and security services get any more exciting?

Many colours? We have actively focused on creating a large colour palette. All the colours have been carefully selected to give MW Group a personal touch. MW’s innovative website makes defence and security services interesting for the perhaps uninterested.

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