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Mobilanpassad webbplats till Eriksgårdens fjällhotell i Funäsdalen
customer case

Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell

The request

An easy-to-use website to sell packages deals and to run your hotel business. Eriksgården should be able to easily add, delete and update offers, texts and images.

The customers should experience something special when they visit the website. Eriksgården wants their website to create the urge of wanting to go on a holiday and getting away from reality.


Services provided

Packaging Deals
Multi language
Search engine optimization

The result

The thoughts and ideas were flowing and we were eager to get started on the project. The result was an exciting experience and a place to rest your eyes for a while. A magical feeling rests over the graphic elements and the carefully selected colour palette.

The website will give the visitor a desire to go away for a trip and just get a break from it all – and the purchase button is never more than a few clicks away. Eriksgården has the full control over the entire website, where they can add new offers, change the copy and all images. Of course, our team at Webbson is always available to provide help and support.

Visit the site

Magnus Ruhedorfer

Owner/hotel manager Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell.

Webbson was recommended by the advertising agency that is used by my company. The cooperation between the three of us has worked very well and both me and the agency have a very high standard which Hemen and his team at Webbson have met beyond expectations. We will be happy to continue this collaboration.

Mobilanpassad hemsida till Eriksgårdens fjällhotell i Funäsdalen

Your mountaineering experience starts here

Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell i centrally located in Funäsdalen with an overlook of Funäsdalsberget, the lake and the village. Right outside the door you find trails for skiing, snowmobile, cycling and hiking.

Indulge in delicious food based on carefully selected local products. Relax in the snuggling hotel lobby or indulge in the fine spa area. Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell is the obvious choice of hotel & accommodation in Funäsdalen/Funäsfjällen.

Eriksgården Midnight blue
Eriksgården Green
Eriksgården Light grey

Stunning images, elements and colours

You’ll be captivated by the warm colours combined with crispy images and appealing design elements. The site will compel you and give you the desire to get away from it all for a while. All of this is packaged in a quick and easy-to-navigate website, both for Eriksgården and its customers.

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Mobilanpassad hemsida till Eriksgårdens fjällhotell i Funäsdalen