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Inre Hamnen

The request

Webbson was commissioned to create a project page that clearly and attractively shows the new neighbourhood that Slättö is forming at the Inner Harbour. A site that appeals, above all, to those looking for their future home, but also to those interested in knowing more about the project as a whole.

Services provided

Housing selector

The result

A stylish and exclusive website that stands out in its design and clearly gives a feeling of warmth, cosiness and a desire to “come home”. Information is presented in a creative way using images and modern design elements, guiding the visitor through the website step by step. The easy-to-understand and educational home selector makes it easy for visitors to fantasise about their future home.

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A vibrant neighbourhood with space for water, nature and activities

Slättö is developing three housing projects in Inre Hamnen with a mix of both cooperative and rental apartments. The first is Brf Litore, which comprises 37 newly produced apartments just a stone’s throw from Motala Ström.

Inre Hamnen Black
Inre Hamnen Beige
Inre Hamnen Blue
Inre Hamnen Purple

Exclusive and inviting

Soft colours and contrasts create a wonderful combination of exclusivity and familiarity. A site that clearly stands out and in its presentation and housing also lives up to the high expectations that one can justifiably have when looking for their future new home.

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