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The request

To create a moving, bustling and eventful site that instantly evokes the hectic pulse and exciting nightlife of Japan. A site that conveys the wonderful pulse and unique feel of Kasai while inviting you to become part of the adventure. With clear information and encouragement to become a franchise owner of Kasai Kitchin – the little kitchen.

Services provided

Moving elements
New design language
Graphic profile

The result

This site cannot be fairly described. It has to be experienced. The feeling you get when you visit the site is akin to FOMO – fear of missing out, if you are not already part of Kasai, you certainly now wish you were!

Stylish, eventful, inspiring and communicative. An exciting blend of moving elements and clear structure, with a constantly moving background that adds vibrancy and gives the site a lovely, lively feel. This is truly a page you can brag about!

Visit the site

Kasai Kitchin - the small kitchen

Just a detour from traffic lights and stress, you’ll find Kasai Kitchin! Kitchin means small kitchen in Japanese and is a smaller version of our Kasai restaurants. Here you’ll recognise the food, drink and atmosphere – but have it all packaged in a smaller and more accessible format.

Kitchin pink
Kitchin blue

Colour, movements and nightlife

Moving elements meet stylishness, creating clarity, structure and seriousness, while the noise and pulse is highlighted by the moving background and colourful neon signs. On this site, the concept of ‘more is more’ has really taken over.

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