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The request

An exclusive Japanese restaurant with euphoric shows and flavourish sushi. A luxury experience of Japanese culture and food combined with a show is what gives you an experience of a lifetime.

Kasai wanted an attractive website who catches the eye and clearly showcase the spectacular aspects of the restaurant. They requested the site to be able to give a sense of the atmosphere without being there in physical form. Customers visiting Kasai should be able to easily navigate their way through the site and easily understand the concept as well as the features.

Services provided

New design
Listing of locations and menu

The result

We built this website with a vision of making it fun and exciting, as well as easy, for people to navigate through. By adding animations, images and colour, we’ve created sections that are pleasant and fun for the visitor to go through. We also wanted the website to feel upscale and professional, which we achieved through adding the right choice of colour schemes and images that present the restaurant exactly as it is, luxurious and exciting. This is a stylish website!

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Japanese fusion and exclusive cocktails

Our goal is for you to step through our doors and forget about the everyday life for a while. Whether you’re stopping by for brunch with the family, after work with the colleagues, going for that long-awaited date night or celebrating with a party night, we want our burning passion for creating experiences to always welcome you and create an exceptional experience for you. Whether you visit our restaurant in Stockholm, Malmö or Visby.

We live for food, drink, music and interior design. Welcome to the world of Kasai.

Kasai Pink
Kasai Blue
Kasai Yellow

Food, show and the right atmosphere, all wrapped up in one

The creative aspect of the website makes it hard to leave. It conveys an interesting atmosphere, captured in both image and colour. Do you love Japanese cuisine? Here you will experience incredible food mixed with unique experiences and atmospheric shows. The dark style of Kasai gives you a sense of mystery and excitement. A diverse destination that caters to all tastes, with both food and shows, it’s perfect for that aimless Saturday night. Attractive images that perfectly mimic what an evening at Kasai might look like.

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