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Webbson bygger en mobilanpassad hemsida till Älska Cider
customer case

Älska Cider

The request

A website that will be at the forefront with its tough and outstanding design. It cover an international audience and the goal is to establish Swedish cider as an exclusive but at the same time popular brand. You should be able to easily change text and images yourself, and also add your own elements that automatically follow the graphic profile.


Services provided

Live Editor
Graphic design

The result

This new website will make it possible for Älska Cider to better present their products and put the spotlight at the right place, pointing straight at their good cider.

The site is prepared with “Live Editor” which gives Älska Cider the ability to do live editing of the site, right on the spot. This allows for a quick upload of new products and changes in the product line.

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Synne Nyland är nöjd med deras nya hemsida

Synne Nyland

Brand Manager, Product Developer and Head of Communication

"Webbson have been experts in turning our visions into an even better reality. They are responsive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. When you need support and help they are quick to respond both on email and phone, always with a positive and generous attitude wanting to do the best job possible. Thank you Webbson!"

Webbson bygger en mobilanpassad hemsida till Älska Cider

Älska Cider – The love Story

The idea about älska was born in 2012 on a sunny terrace in Stockholm. You know one of those afternoons when you love life and your imagination just starts spinning…

The thing about this special occasion though, is that the dreams and visions actually turned into reality. The idea was to create the best-tasting fruit cider you will ever pour down your throat packed in a Swedish, unique and modern brand.

The result is älska, a natural and vegan-friendly cider. älska is all about pure love and top quality. You see, älska is the Swedish word for love and we truly believe in spreading pure love all over the world.

Hope you enjoy, and see you around!

Cheers, the älska team

Älska Black
Älska Orange
Älska Light Grey

Something that stands out for the crowd

Refreshing, fresh and fruity are all the describing key words. This is also reflected in the colour palette and in the cheeky but restrained design that allows for the product to take the centre stage.

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Webbson bygger en mobilanpassad hemsida till Älska Cider