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customer case

Arlanda Halkbana

The request

Arlanda Halkbana is one of Stockholm’s most popular slippery slopes and is at the forefront of risk education and thus wanted a website that could also represent this. A website that presents the services in an attractive and simple way and contains good and important information for students with a well-established purchase function.

Services provided

Graphic profile

The result

A lead-generating website with a completely new graphic identity: logotype, fonts, colours. With short and concise information, inviting design and a well-established purchase system that makes it easy for the customer to get all the information and make their purchase, smoothly and easily in one place.

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The number one skidpan

Arlanda Halkbana offers risk training programmes with the aim of training skilled and safe drivers. We turn to you with a view to obtaining a driving licence, but also to companies for continuing education and training in road safety. With our goal of increasing road safety, we create quality training programmes as well as an experience that you will never forget.

Arlanda Halkbana yellow
Arlanda Halkbana dark blue
Arlanda Halkbana light grey

Elegance meets modernity

With great attention to the customer’s vision, a graphic profile was created that emphasises the company’s competence, strength and experience in the industry, mixed with modernity and innovation. A design that embodies the company’s values and realises them in the design language and the way the site communicates.

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